big data week 2015
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Attracting attendants from more than 10 different industries/sectors
International and National Experts on Big Data
Attracting 9 Bluechip Sponsord
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Thomas Davenport
Professor of IT and Management at Babson College

"Fantastic! Very impressive speakers from all over the world. i couldn’t be more impressed and i learned a lot."

Sidney Minassian
Founder and CEO of Contexti

"I've actually done a lot of speaking and a lot of attending conferences around the world, and this is absolutely a world class event. it’s agreat turnout, really good content, and the buzz in the room reallyreflected the effort that has gone into this"

Stewart Collins
Co-founder & CTO at aWhere

"I really have enjoyed this conference, it's been fantastic. I really loved the focus on business applications, and not too technical, a lot of big data conferences are very technical and it's nice to see conferences that focused on use of data to improve the world and have an impact. It's such a great event and I will definitely come back."

Anthony Vipin Das
Consultant at LV Prasad Eye Institute

"I'm so excited to be here at Big Data Week Indonesia and talking about potential what we could do with data. It's been an amazing conference so far, and we really look forward to share what we do with healthcare in India."


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